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1. To change the color of the “icon”, you can wrap it with a span tag + class, then you can add custom css code to the span, i.e.:

get_the_term_list( $post->ID, 'person-category',"","<span class='my_icon'> ★ </span>","" );

Then add the styling (color, …) in your style.css file.

2. If you use the column shortcode like in our demo content, then no, you cannot make it clickable, in this case it is better to add html code or an image + link in the column. For the automatic change of the content you should search a plugin, it’s nothing the theme can do for you.

3. We checked it, but the page only reload if you click on the part of where text is, if you hover the empty part of the field it does not refer to the single page of the person. Hover effect and mobile phones are always a problem, we can try to find a solution, and if there is a solution we can include we will make an update for the theme.

4. There is no option to change only the font size for this element, but you can change it with custom css code, you can add this css code to your style.css file:

.person_lrs, .person_entry_info, .person_entry_services_label > *, .person_entry_services, p.origin {
    font-size: 17px !important;