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When I select the check “Dark Design Preset” is displayed as when it is not selected, if no change is that it does not work (not a problem cache browser is not problem of cache WP).

At the moment the checkbox is not checked, because the file with dark css is not loaded, that’s why you don’t see a difference. As soon you check the file, you can see the difference, for example the comments, timeline shortcode and other.

The solution change all colors manually to CSS, it is a bad solution. I think they could have a better solution.

As I told you before, the dark design preset is only for userinterface, not for all sections. It does not mean there is a full dark color scheme in the theme.

My client is already nervous, everything was working perfect and the latest updates WP, the template has stopped working properly. Now, I can not deliver the web.

The theme is working without any problem with the current WordPress version, there is no known issue. An also before the update there was no dark color scheme in the theme, and a WordPress update don’t make changes in our css files, so there was another problem, surely not with the theme. What exactly was not working after the update? And what exactly is not working today? Yesterday we saw the dark.css file in your source code, so I’m sure it’s working without any problem as soon you check the checkbox in the theme settings. If not, please send us (info @ 7theme. net) a login for your website, then we will check the backend for the problem.