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I disagree.
If you click on the entry “hello world” theme is white with black letters.
I used the issue several weeks in “Dark Design Preset” perfectly know the difference between dark and design Preset “Preset White Design”
When I select the check “Dark Design Preset” is displayed as when it is not selected, if no change is that it does not work (not a problem cache browser is not problem of cache WP).

I installed the demo content to see more easily than “Dark Design Preset” does not work.
I have made a “Reset All Settings” and “Dark Design Preset” is enabled.

The solution change all colors manually to CSS, it is a bad solution. I think they could have a better solution.
It is not an option that I like.

I can perform more tests with earlier versions of WP and earlier versions of the template, but it is clear that the template is not working properly.

If they need to do more testing me know.
My client is already nervous, everything was working perfect and the latest updates WP, the template has stopped working properly. Now, I can not deliver the web.

PS: The MegaMenu section in the documentation does not show the photos.