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Hi guys

as I told you before, “person_grid” is a grid shortcode with 2,3 or 4 columns, it’s not working with 1 column. You can use the “single_person” shortcode (see theme documentation) and insert the escort by id in the sidebar.

I tried the single person but than it doesn’t show anything. I used the ID out of the link, I don’t know where to find it elsewhere?
Here https://escortkenya.online/person/piere/ am using following shortcode in the sidebar: [person_grid number=”10″ columns=”2″ category=”premium”] but it still shows 3 columns.

You changed the featured image size in the theme options, that’s why it’s blurred.

Yes that’s what I’m trying to fix but I found a work around it.

The transparent overlay is working only for slider + main section below, you can see this also in the demo website.

I used your /smooth-slider page from the demo content and it worked perfectly but like I said it just disappeared yesterday after renaming the page to /home. How do I set it that it shows again?

Please check exactly your shortcode. There is a very important difference between >> ” < < and >> ” < <. Please use shift + key “2” button on your keyboard for the >> ” < < sign, than it’s working.

Got it, thanks.

Grtz. Paul…