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Good Morning

I performed the test https://hackertarget.com/wordpress-security-scan/. The result was:
WordPress Theme

The theme Has Been found by examining the path / wp-content / themes / theme * name * /

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While plugins get a lot of attention When it comes to security vulnerabilities, themes are another source of security vulnerabilities Within WordPress installations, always keep Them updated to the latest version available and check the developers theme page for information about security related updates and fixes.

The theme listed here is the active theme found in the HTML source of the page. A comprehensive assessment shouldnt include checking for other themes que are installed but not active the These can contain Also exploitable security vulnerabilities. In the “black box” assessment or penetration test detection of all themes an be undertaken by brute forcing the theme paths. Alternatively if you have access to the host You could simply remove all unused themes.

I would like to know how to hide the thema name, because without this information, it is less a source of vulnerability.