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And one more question about the posts:
2 days ago my new post looks fine, yesterday i’ve added only a photo to it, and today background colour is different. Same thing with contact page which was not edited at all for more than 3 days. Yesterday both pages were good, today both are with changed background colour :O Why is like that ? Again I did not make any changes to background colour, but it is changed !

I remember another client with the same problem. There is a widget included in the timetable plugin, unfortunately there is a HTML error when on the current day is no course, and this cause this problem. Next time when the error occur, you can try to remove this widget, I think this will remove also there problem.

I have another question … with blog section. When can I change name of the blog site ? I’ve added new post 2 days ago and now blog site name is not “Blog”, it is now the name of my new post, I cannot find where can I change this.

Normally when you edit the page, there is a box with settings, please click the “Headline” tab, there you can add the page title.