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thank you for your support.

Would be great to post a link (or send by mail) to the file which enables the link to a single client page. Please tell me also where to install/store this file(s) in my child-theme to prevent this from following theme updates.

Just need another hint: If I like to have an image in full width at the top of a page, post or portfolio side (e.g. http://web-rockstars.com/tammoo/?page_id=303), which width for the image file is recommended?

Not solved so far ist the font problem with the text unser the portfolio image in the portfolio slider at the homepage. The text (link) under the portfolio image is in white color. I tried to change it in the CSS file (font style, size and color) but without any success. Used firebug to locate the line in the CSS, but nothing happened. Can you tell me, where to change this. Doing this in the “theme options” wasn’t successful as well. Maybe I did not find the proper setting. But all I tried kept my links in white text. In the demo site, it#s grey (but is just text an no link)

Thanks a lot