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Hi Again

thanks for the CSS code – that worked perfectly thank you!

I still have to resolve the menu issue as I dont know how to do what you suggest. I understand your comment that there is only one menu but when viewing on a phone the menu is completely different – it is a flat full menu showing all pages. On the desktop version it shows the menu with mouseovers

The issue is that the theme shows the wrong version on tablet devices. My previous theme had mouseovers which worked perfectly and on tablets showed the mobile version which also worked perfectly

I struggle to understand why the theme has mouseover menus to start with if they will always fail to work on a tablet device – surely that means the theme is not fully responsive?

If I do as you suggest with the blind links (once I work out how lol) what will the menu look like on a desktop?

Unfortunately the instructions you linked to (thanks for that) are difficult for me to follow – can you tell I’m not a designer lol!

Thanks again