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Thanks again for your help – I’m slowly getting there.

Re the gallery – I’ve deleted them and am having to re-do them all as it just wasnt working properly.

Thanks for the comments re the Menu – so if I do this will it affect the desktop version too? I’m struggling to understand how to do this. It wasnt necessary on my previous theme which supplied a mobile version for mobile devices and a desktop version for computers.

Or is there a way to force this theme to provide the mobile version to tablets? Failing that I’ll try to do as you suggest though it looks complicated lol!!

Ok – really appreciate the help so far, another question if that is ok? How do I get my blog posts to NOT show metadata such as number of comments, tags, admin name etc? My last theme had a switch to turn that off and as I have comments turned off site-wide anyway I dont need those to show. thanks.

if it helps the site is http://www.colincook.co.uk

Thank you again