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Thanks for the reply. For some reason the gallery has changed and instead of the image trying to pop up then giving an error it now tries to pop up then fails, then goes to a separate page with that image on. Clicking the back button repeats the same thing and you have to click back twice to get back to the blog. I’ll have to re-do the gallery so will probably use a plug in instead.

Can you send us the link to the website, then we can have a look at it.

Thanks for the advice on the menu. I’m a little confused though. Why does the theme serve a different mobile version with non-working menus if it is 100% responsive? Surely it should serve a mobile version? And why is it a different mobile version? And why does the menu not work at all when ‘Request Desktop Site’ is chosen? Surely the whole idea of responsive is to respond correctly to the display device?

The menu is working with the hover state, but the hover state doesnt work (of course) on touch screens, this is a general problem, not a problem with the theme. For this reason you have to add a link without a link goal as parent menu entry, then the page dont redirect when you click on the parent menu to open the sub-menu.