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Hi – Just to let you know I’ve found solutions for some of the above.

I now have the menus etc the right colour – had to drill down quite a way with the bewildering array of options but all done thanks.

Also sorted the social media etc links. On this theme you have to include the http:// else the links run internally.

Still no answer to the gallery problem though – looks like I’ll have to start from scratch on that one.

One new issue though is that the theme isnt 100% responsive.

When viewed on a tablet device (I’ve tried Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Asus MeMo Pad 7″) in Chrome the theme serves the desktop version whilst treating it as a mobile version. The menu then doesnt work properly as if you press a menu item the sub menu pops out but is not clickable so there is no way to navigate to sub-menu pages.

Choosing the ‘Request Desktop Site’ option then delivers the same site but with no menu options working at all.

So basically the site works great on a phone and great on a PC but wont work on a tablet.

Please can you help with this?