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Wanted to follow-up on the last set of updates that I had requested above.

The Extra CSS for the header menu did not seem to work. Even when I added the !important. I actually ended up find the code in the style.css file and changed it there.

Now the follow-on question to this… Where do I now change the size of the sub-menu (drop-down list) text under each main menu item. Right now that is much too small compared to the re-sized main menu items. I’m assuming this is also in the style.css file but was unsure of where to change the font size.

If you could provide the Extra CSS content for both the main and sub-menu items I would gladly go back and restore the style.css to the original (I have an unaltered backup copy).

As for controlling the speed of the object slider. The code you provided worked perfectly!

I was also able to re-order the address information in the header_object_slider.php file to display the city, county, state and zip as I needed.

Now a new question…. From what I can tell, it doesn’t appear that the contact form on the individual listing page (estate-single-default.php) is sending e-mail even thought I’m getting the success message. This could possibly be because I’m not assigning a specific agent to the listing. Is it possible to get this form to send to the main e-mail for the website (the e-mail address set under Theme Options for the Contact Page)?

One item to note with regard to the individual listing page contact form…. I also did try adding myself as the agent for a specific property (created a user ID for myself and included my e-mail address), but even then, I never received a message at my personal e-mail address.

Your input is very greatly appreciated!

Much Thanks!