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I have Eastend Theme and I’m wondering if it is possible to edit the automatically generated slideshow on the “objects” page level. I’d like to have pictures in the gallery “attachments” section that do not occur in the automatically generated slideshow. Is this possible?

Sorry, thats not possible

If this is not possible, would it be possible to remove the automatically generated slideshow while leaving the image “attachments”? This way I could create a slideshow under “allslider” that I could have appear at the top of the page. Right now, if I create an “allslider” slideshow, it appears in addition to the automatically generated slideshow, which looks silly, and slows down page loading and navigation.

If you want, you can hide the automatically generated slideshow, please go to WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> General -> Extra CSS Content and add this:

.room_slideshow_container {
 display:none !important;

One more thing: is it possible to create an “allslider” with images that I’ve already uploaded to the media library, or can they only be added directly from my computer? That is a very cumbersome way to make a slideshow.

Add the moment its not possible, but we are working on a solution to choose also images from the media library. I think in one of the next updates we will include that feature.