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Hi webadmin 🙂

Thanks for the fast reply. Here are my comments.

1. works like a charm, but could you add the second part of my question as well? The subsubitems need to indent too (double the indent of subitem).

2. this piece of code works too, but needs a bit extra css I guess.
2a. It should be only for mobile
2b. I have (like the demo) some custom sections with backgrounds. Now the text in that section is to the edge of that section (and a little off, from the edge of the screen). maybe div.custom_section needs some padding too?

3. OK, but isn’t this a WordPress or jQuery thingy too?

4. yes I mean the lightbox. Take this page for instance http://web-rockstars.com/lambada/?page_id=2074 and make your browser like 500 or 600 pixels wide. Then you’ll see what I mean.

5. See 4 🙂

6. That will work, do you perhaps have a solution for child theme? I don’t want to have any custom things to do when updating your theme. Maybe add a contact.php in the child theme and copy over all code from page.php or something like that (but that’s not non-destructive too, ones you enhace the default template 🙂 )