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Thank you for all of your help thus far. We are getting VERY close to taking this website live and I have a couple other questions.

1 – As you can see, I added ALOT (and still have 10+ to add) of product photos.

Is it possible to have all of the products on 1 page (instead of 7), so that when you click on a category, they show properly (right now they only show the ones on that particular page? Or, will having all of the products on 1 page cause the page to load too slow?

2 – I’ve done some more thinking about what happens when you click on a product name (text) from the Product page http://cl.phinneymassage.com/?page_id=3664. It would be better if when you click it takes you to the appropriate subpage for that category. How can I make this happen for each product image? Where would I edit that link? Meaning, for all of the pink “Curl’n” products, I would want them to go to this page: http://cl.phinneymassage.com/?page_id=3731 when you click on the text of the product name. Is this possible?

Thank you again for all of your help.