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It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums. We’ve been updating our commercial real estate website and a question I asked back in Sept. 2014 surfaced again related to any special code being needed to make the Skyline theme render correctly in Internet Explorer. I’m using Internet Explorer 8 so i know it won’t render correctly there. The only thing I notice is that the 4th “Featured Property” ends up wrapping on the next line. I do not see this in Firefox or Chrome. Everything looks fine there.

My husband has Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11. Under IE 11 it’s even worse. In addition to the 4th “Featured Property” wrapping the main horizontal menu bar which renders fine in IE 8 actually renders stacked in IE 11.

I’m going to send you screen shots of what we are seeing via info @ 7theme dot net.

One additional question… what is the latest version of the Skyline theme. I have version 1.01. Is that the most recent update? If not how/where do i get the latest update? I originally purchased the Skyline theme through Mojo Themes.

Any thoughts/guidance on the IE rendering issue is appreciated.

Much Thanks,