First, we need to have some slides for the slideshow. The first step is also to create some slides. Please go to WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Allslider, that’s the place for all the slideshows. Now we create a category for the slider. Insert the name of your choice in the box “Picturesets” -> “Add new Pictureset”. Please choose a unique name without empty space, for example, “home_page” instead of “home page”, because this could cause a problem later. Then press the button “Create new Slideshow” in the same box. Now we have to add images to this category. Please upload the images step by step in the first box of the Allslider page. You can find all uploaded images in the list “Imagelist” on bottom of this page. When you have uploaded all the images, please set the pictureset you’ve created as pictureset in the dropdown field to the right of the images. With this step, we add these images to this category / pictureset. Then edit the page where you want to show the slideshow, click the “Slideshow” tab in the settings box below the editor, choose one of the available Slider and then the category / pictureset you’ve created as Slideshow source. Save the post and take a look at this page in the front-end, now you should see the slideshow. 

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