Theme Legalization

With the theme legalization you can legalize your pirate copy. Every now and then people use our themes, stolen from pirate websites, but of course it’s not legal and this violates the copyright, which we hold for our products.

Legalize now your theme and get always the most recent updates, free support and, above all, no drouble with our lawyers.

After purchasing the “Theme Legalization” package you’ll have a legal license for the theme you use. The price for the package is the price for the theme +  handling charges +  representation allowance.

After purchasing the package, please send us a mail with your username on our website, your mail address and the theme you use. We’ll attach the theme and a official license to your account.

Please note: We don’t accept other offers and solutions and will enforce the disregard for our rights with full force. Our theme legalization is the easiest way for you to get your illegal theme certified and avoid problems with our lawyers.

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