Theme Customization Big

Are you looking for help customizing your WordPress theme? We’ll customize the look and feel of your new WordPress website and help you to include your features.

Typical works:

  • Custom CSS code to customize elements of your WordPress theme 
  • Custom PHP functions to change or extend functions of your WordPress theme
  • Changes in the PHP files of your theme
  • Changes in the HTML files of your theme
  • Changes in the CSS files of your theme
  • Additional features for your theme, i.e. sticky sidebars, sticky headers, maps, …


Included in this service

Included in this service are works up to 2 hours. Typical turn around time is 1 – 3 days.  


  • Please contact us ( info @ 7theme . net ) before you by this service and tell us what we can do for you, then we can tell you what customization package you need.
  • After purchasing the service please send us the link to your WordPress installation and the login.

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