SteelX – Steelworks WordPress Theme

SteelX, a steelworks WordPress theme perfectly designed for business owners in the Steelworks industry, works flawlessly on mobile phones and tablets. The theme has more than 100 shortcodes; these small codes were included in the theme to help you add plenty of content in no time. With these codes, you don’t need to code anything on the theme; they are all complete. The steelworks WordPress theme, SteelX, loads fast on every device, whether it is a mobile phone or desktop. Designed to be used by everyone, the theme is easy to install and to handle. It runs smoothly and receives updates regularly and free support. The theme comes with more than 8 different galleries.

More Than 100 Shortcodes Available

We have put more than 100 shortcodes in the steelworks WordPress theme. These codes are a good way to manage your theme the best way possible. Thanks to the shortcodes, you can now add most of your content in no time. With these small codes, you need not worry about coding. They include all the features you would ever dream of in a theme: pricing lists, pricing tables, portfolio, testimonials, buttons, slideshows, galleries, and the like. In fact, you have everything you would need; all you have to do is add your content. Then, you will be good to go.

Ultra-fast Loading Time

SteelX was cleverly built to load fast on your website. This will give your target buyer a great experience as they visit your site. With one click, your website will quickly open and let them make their purchases as fast as possible—that is one more reason for your audience to love your website and to continue using your services, for they won’t experience any lagging, which would be a major turnoff had it happened. Yes, this must be the theme that you have been looking forward to installing on your website.

Easy to Install and to Handle

We have made SteelX steelworks WordPress theme easy to install and to handle; you will not even need to contact us to install it for you, not to mention hiring someone to do it for you. The installation is easy enough for you to do it by yourself; the theme is user-friendly, and it works efficiently on WordPress-based websites.

Free Support and Updates

With the free support, we offer you, you can talk to us about any issue that you could face and we will fix it for you in no time. That said, with the updates on board, it is highly unlikely for you to experience any problem. We have made SteelX serve you the best way possible.

8+ Different Galleries Included

We have included different galleries in SteelX steelworks WordPress theme to suit your business needs. You can then choose your favorite gallery out of more than 8 different galleries held by the theme. Then, you can upload plenty of images to the gallery of your choice and use each of them on your page or post. As you blend your content with relevant images, your site will be a delight to the eyes of your users. Main Features of the SteelX steelworks WordPress theme:

  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Custom Widgets
  • 100+ shortcodes
  • 700+ theme options
  • 800+ Webfonts
  • 8 different Galleries
  • Easy to use
  • The most complete steelworks WordPress theme available
  • Free support
  • Unlimited Slideshows
  • Unlimited Galleries
  • Unlimited portfolios
  • Different blog templates
  • Free updates for a lifetime
  • Custom post types for portfolio, team, and testimonials
  • Custom Post Formats
  • Easy Google Analytics integration
  • Google Webmaster Tools Integration
  • And so much more

Please note: None of the images we used to create the demo website for the steelworks WordPress theme are included in the theme purchase.

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This theme is a pre-release and downloadable only for certain user and developer.

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