Printperfect – Printing Office WordPress Theme

Printperfect was made for every printing office. It is such an excellent and gorgeous printing office WordPress theme for everyone in a printing business. Since the theme is easy to install, you are spared from wasting your hard-earned money in an attempt to hire someone to install it for you; you can do it yourself. It is also easy to customize. So, you can deal with every bit of the theme and make your site look the way you prefer. While making this theme, we thought of your needs: a website is useful only when search engines can find it. Yes, Printperfect will make your website useful and easy to find for your clients, as it has been optimized for the search engines. What is more, the printing office WordPress theme will provide you with hundreds of web fonts. In fact, it has more than 800 different web fonts. We also offer free support and updates for a lifetime. So, you will not have any worries about updates down the road. The theme has other great features such as slideshows that can be placed on any part of your site.

Easy to Install and to Customize

While most of the themes on the market are difficult to install and thus require hiring an expert, Printperfect is designed to make you smile; you alone can install it on your site. As soon as you finish installing it, your site will be up and running. You can then customize it to reflect on your content or product. As the installation of the printing office WordPress theme, its customization is easy as well.

Already optimized for Search Engines

We know that the search engines are a big deal in digital marketing. So, we have developed Printperfect printing office WordPress theme to respond to such trends. As a result, Search engines such as Google and Bing will be able to index your website; this makes your site easy for people to find as they surf the internet.

Choose from more than 800 different Web Fonts

Printperfect has come to help you when it comes to finding better web fonts to go with your website. There is no need to buy web fonts; this theme itself brings more than 800 different web fonts. So, you can choose the best web font that best matches with your website’s content.

Free Support and Updates for a Lifetime

We have made our printing office WordPress theme ready for use and free from sluggishness, thanks to the free support and lifetime updates. We work hard to ensure that the theme is updated on a regular basis. So, you will not face any concerns. Could you face any problem, you can contact us; we will always lend a hand and get you back onto your feet so that your business is never put to a stop.

Unlimited Slideshows

With the unlimited slideshows that come with the theme, you will no longer have any problems as to presentations or displays. You can place slides wherever you wish, whether it be on the front-page or on a page or post. Given that such slideshows are unlimited, you can use as many slideshows as you wish.

Main-Features of the printing office WordPress theme:

  • Fully compatible with the most recent WordPress release
  • Easy to customize with more than 700 theme options
  • 800 free to use Webfonts
  • Easy to install and to customize
  • Post types for portfolio, team, and testimonials
  • 8 different Gallery types included
  • Easy to translate, no need for editing files!
  • Unlimited slideshows + easy to use slideshow management
  • Custom post formats
  • Free demo content
  • Easy “One-Click Demo Content Import”
  • Most complete printing office WordPress theme on the market
  • Very flexible
  • HTML5 and CSS3 code
  • Optimized for search engines
  • and a lot more

Please note: To create the demo website for the printing office WordPress theme we used premium images. These images are not included in the theme purchase.

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This theme is a pre-release and downloadable only for certain user and developer.

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